Hi, I'm Henrike! I make comics and teach starting comic artists how they can make their own (web)comics.

I have made fun little comics all my life, but set out to learn how to actually make a large big-project webcomic after a long and painful art block.

Over the course of a few years I studied everything on comics, art basics and productivity I could get my hands on. With the help of a group of fellow artists I got out of art block and started creating a new comic. My webcomic “Recollection City” is the result of that.

Around that time I developed a desire to help other artists get over their own obstacles. I started my weekly blog in 2013 and later started my Youtube channel. In 2018 I taught my first live course, called “Your Comic Journey.” 

At the start of 2020 I decided to focus my videos and blogs on comics only and with this course I specifically want to help people get started making their own comics. 

If I can help you stop waiting for the right time, the good skills and the perfect story, and help you get your comic out of your head and onto paper, or the internet, then I did my job!

Henrike Dijkstra

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